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In response to the events of October 7th in Israel, we’ve reimagined our travel experiences for students. Our new focus emphasizes faith formation, education, humanitarian efforts in Israel, and advocacy for our Jewish friends.
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After the attacks of October 7th in Israel, we’ve revised our travel experiences for students—focusing on faith formation, education, humanitarian efforts in Israel, and advocacy for our Jewish friends.
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Jena Powell: Defending Truth and Liberty in Her Community

Jena Powell, traveled to Israel with Passages in 2016. She was transformed by what she experienced. Now, Jena is boldly serving her community — and our nation!

After returning home from Israel, Jena shared, “This is just a start to the journey... It’s a start in saying ‘I cannot just sit idly by and just grow a business, or run a company, and not be on a quest for truth and a fight for freedom around our nation.” 

What Jena experienced in Israel inspired her to reassess her priorities. She searched scripture, seeking to understand God’s call on her life. Now, seven years after her trip to Israel, Jena is serving as an elected State Representative in the 80th district of Ohio. 

Jena said,“(In Israel) I had the opportunity to connect with my faith at a much deeper level. And ultimately, that led me to searching out scripture and understanding that God calls us to lead boldly in our community, state and nation. Which ultimately led me here to Columbus.” 

Jena is a full-time advocate with a heart for her home community. She is doing all she can to fight for truth and make her community and state a better place to live. She was even named one of Forbes’ 30 under 30 in the Law & Policy category! 

“What I believe I have done, and hope to continue doing in this position, is to show people that liberty comes at a cost and that the next generation of Christian leaders need to stand firm for the truth,” said Jena. “I want to thank Passages so much for the opportunity to go to Israel. I have taken what I learned there and apply it every day by caring for my community here in the United States.”

Jena’s story is a prime example of how powerful a trip to Israel can be. Through her experiences in Israel, Jena became equipped to advocate for truth and liberty in her community and our nation.

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