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In response to the events of October 7th in Israel, we’ve reimagined our travel experiences for students. Our new focus emphasizes faith formation, education, humanitarian efforts in Israel, and advocacy for our Jewish friends.
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After the attacks of October 7th in Israel, we’ve revised our travel experiences for students—focusing on faith formation, education, humanitarian efforts in Israel, and advocacy for our Jewish friends.
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Travel to Washington D.C. with Passages

July 25 - 28
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Since the October 7 attacks on Israel, antisemitism has been on the rise around the world. We believe that Christian students can play a vital role in combating antisemitism and advocating for Israel.

That’s why this July 25 - 28 Passages is going to DC!  

Immersive Experience

This special weekend at the nation's capitol will include exclusive briefings on the war in Israel, a tour of our nation's capital, Shabbat dinner with special guests, and tours of the Museum of the Bible and the United States Holocaust Memorial. Participants will also have the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions with experts and fellow attendees on pressing issues facing the Jewish community globally.

Faith Formation

You will learn about the roots of your Christian faith, combatting antisemitism, and gain expert knowledge on the most geopolitically complex country in the world – Israel! Additionally, you will explore the Judeo-Christian values at the heart of our nation. We believe that when Christians are connected to the roots of their faith, they become advocates for good and their impact on the world in exponential.


The cost for the DC trip is $500 dollars which includes round trip flights, majority of meals, and hotel accommodations.  

Spots are limited – apply today!  


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